About us

We are a Polish company that has specialised in the field of supplements, vitamins and herbal preparations for more than 15 years. We have acquired a great deal of expertise in this field. We have a wealth of experience we use this in developing supplements that will be as effective as possible.

Unfortunately, we have seen how the ubiquitous advertising brutally exploits consumer ignorance and promotes supplements and vitamins. consumers and promote supplements and vitamins of poor quality, poor bioavailability and unclear composition. They often present them as having miraculous effects, which, of course, is never the case.

Therefore, for the sake of your health and that of thousands of increasingly aware consumers, we decided to start our own production of healthy and safe supplements of the highest quality. In 2015, we created our own brand FOREST VITAMIN. The mission of our company is reflected in the name, which we chose not by chance. The English word ‘Forest’ means forest, wilderness, which symbolise unspoilt, unspoilt nature full of power and vitality, which teems with life and is life itself. This is what the Forest Vitamin preparations are.

We produce our supplements exclusively on the basis of natural ingredients and keep the presence of additional essential substances to a minimum.

At Forest Vitamin, we put your health and living as long as possible in good shape and fitness first.

That is why we have created a unique range of world-class vitamins, minerals and herbal health supplements. Our products are aimed at everyone who is looking for ways to supplement safely and healthily.

What is the uniqueness and superior quality of our vitamins/[preparations]?

1) We have developed supplements with a healthy and safe composition. Here are the 4 most important features:

  • Natural ingredients (We source our supplements from nature. We rely exclusively on natural extracts, seed extracts or fermented grains. We use the best ingredients, hard to find, which we often) import from remote parts of the world.
  • High throughput
  • Healthy and simple composition (We limit the use of sugar, preservatives, sweeteners or unnecessary fillers in our production. We use them in minimal quantities, as long as they are necessary for the product to be made.)
  • Power of action (We guarantee a high content of active ingredients. Our products contain a high concentration of the right active substances. We use only the best proven substances.)

2) We produce supplements and rare products in various forms – as capsules, tablets or pure powder. This allows you to consume them as you like them best.

3) Comprehensive health care – we care for the entire human body, so we offer products for improvement:

  • Immunity
  • Memory and concentration
  • Beautiful skin
  • Joints, bones, muscles
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